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Bronzes & Statues


26-49 HUSSAR STATUE - DELUXE LEATHER PRESENTATION CASE. I have had the pleasure of offering a number of interesting statues over the years. This one is a more unusual example than most. The statue is that of a Hussar. I believe he is Austro-Hungarian. He is wearing a shako complete with its parade plume. The man stands tall, wearing both his sword and rifle slung over his shoulder. His cartridge box is prominent at his waist. The figure’s actual height is 5 3/16." He is mounted on a circular base, which is in turn mounted on a marble square. The marble base has green felt on its bottom to prevent the statue from sliding on a smooth surface. The presentation’s overall height is 6 3/8." It is also important to note that the statue has a wonderful patina. I believe it was manufactured of "German Silver" (nickel). I can detect no signs of a hallmark. Although the statue and its superior quality are extremely interesting, it is the presentation case that adds that extra measure of captivating luxury. The case’s exterior is red leatherette. It measures 8 1/4" x 3 1/8" x 3 5/8." Two snaps at the front keep the case closed when not on display or during transport. When the clasps are released, the two halves swing open to display the statue within. (It makes a stunning presentation with the doors swung back and the Hussar shining inside). The case must have been produced by a true craftsman as its construction is quite intricate. I would venture to say that the manufacturer was kept busy with the design and construction of other cases, especially presentation cases for Austrian and/or Prussian high-end orders. The red leatherette material is very similar to that seen on the cases for the Order of the Red Eagle. $1,295.00






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14-363 STATUE - GERMAN AVIATOR. This is a classic statue depicting a WW I German aviator. I have seen these in the past, and offered them to you on one or two occasions. The statue rests on a base that measures 3 3/4" x 3 3/4" x 3/4." The statue’s total height, from boot to upraised hand, measures 11 1/2." Its overall weight is 2 pounds, 11 ounces. The pilot is wearing what appears to be a double-breasted, leather flying jacket. He is also wearing high boots into which his trousers have been tucked. He sports an old-fashioned leather helmet. This helmet was used early in the war by pilots and observers alike. Its leather was hard-shelled, unlike the more commonly seen soft leather caps. [If you look carefully, you can see a ridge running down the helmet’s center. Its presence is how I identified the helmet’s style. Perched atop his helmet are his goggles. His right arm is raised in salute, and his left hand holds a propeller. Obviously, the propeller is not to a standard propeller’s scale, which would have been much taller. The entire presentation, however, presents the WW I aviator’s spirit. If you look under the base, you can see the twin bolts and nuts that secure the statue to its base. At one time, the base probably had some sort of cover to conceal its innards. It does not affect the statue’s ability to stand solidly and securely when it is displayed. Here is a unique opportunity to add this splendid piece to your statue or aviation collection. There is a portion of the thumb on the right hand that is missing. $1,595.00






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26-46 STATUETTE - KAISER FRIEDRICH III. Friedrich III was Germany’s second Kaiser. He lived a mere three months after he assumed his father Kaiser Wilhelm I’s throne. Friedrich III was an able military commander who competently handled the units under his command during the 1866 Austro-Prussian War and the 1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War. He proved himself to be a mature and evenhanded administrator. Both of these virtues were NOT held by his son Wilhelm II. With Friedrich III’s untimely death in 1888, one has to wonder what history would have been like under his rule rather than Wilhelm II’s. It is, of course, one of those "what if" situations. Personally, I doubt that WW I would have developed under his rule. The statuette we are offering today is vividly painted in black, red, gold, brown and gray. Friedrich III stands erect in his uniform, with one hand on his sword’s hilt and the other grasping a document. He stands on a base that measures 1/2" tall. The figure of Friedrich III stands 8 1/2" tall. The combined height of the base and statuette is 9." The statuette’s back is flat, and contains two cutout areas. They may have allowed the statue to be hung on a wall or, at the very least, stand flat against one. Kaiser Friedrich III’s facial features of are well done. It should also be remembered that statues of Friedrich III are seen far less frequently than Kaiser Wilhelm I, Kaiser Wilhelm II, or King Frederick the Great for that matter. $675.00







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26-24 STATUE - GERMANIA - GERMANY’S PROTECTOR. Germania was the mythical protector of Germany. A large statue of her was erected on the Rhine and there she looked to the West where she stood ever vigilant to warn and protect Germany from an invasion from France. Today we offer an oversized statue of Germania which stands 16" tall overall. Germania herself measures 14" tall and she is mounted on a golden base which measures 2". The statue is made from stamped steel which weighs 8 lbs. and 1.5 ounces. It is painted in both silver and gold. She holds the Hohenzollern crown uplifted in her right hand. In her left hand she holds a sword ready to do battle with any enemies who attack Germany. On either side of her you can see a an Eagle lending her support. On the reverse you can see that the statue is made of stamped steel. This is a very striking statue and will add a great deal to any room where it is placed and then Germania will look out for you! $675.00








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26-27 STATUE OF A RAMPANT LION - BAVARIA. It is an oversized statue of a rampant Lion of Bavaria. It is made of base metal which has a coating of gilt over it. The Lion stands 10 1/2" tall from its base to the tip of its mane. The Lion is mounted on a wooden base which is a further 2 1/4" tall so the overall height of this presentation is 13". The Lion is attached firmly to the base. The consignor tells me that this piece was used as a finial at a castle and displays the might and bravery of Bavaria. It weighs a whopping 9 ½ lbs. and is very well made with excellent detail. Due to the weight and the size additional shipping may be required depending on to where it will be shipped.  $1,495.00  Reduced to $1,395.00!!







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26-58 STATUE PRESENTED TO WAHLSTATT MILITARY SCHOOL’S HEADMASTER. This is a statue that was given to the military school headmaster at Wahlstatt, which was located in Eastern Prussia. Wahlstatt was one of several junior military schools around Germany. When its students graduated and wanted to pursue a military career, they would go to Lichterfelde, Germany’s primary military academy located in Berlin. The statue shows a young cadet standing in his school uniform. The statue stands 16" tall overall, is 5" wide, and 3 ½" deep. The statue itself measures 11" in height, while its wooden base measures 5" in height.
On the statue’s front just below the cadet is a plaque that reads:


"Dem scheidenden
Dr. Ronneburger
die Offiziere u. Lehrer
des Kadettenhauses
1. 10. 05.-31. 3. 10."

[For the departing head teacher Dr. Ronneburger from the
officers and teachers of the Wahlstatt Cadet Houses].

Please remember the above dates, as they will become very important a bit later].
On the base of the statue itself is the name "Willi Klein - Kolnar - 1909," (probably the sculptor).
Also seen is the firm that produced the statue, "C. Rakenius & Co. - Berlin."


When I first saw this statue, I will be honest and say that I was not overly impressed with it. I generally try to offer you statues of famous royal or military figures. Sometimes I will offer a statue of a military officer who is being honored by other officers under his command on the occasion of his departing for another post. Something, however, kept niggling at me about Wahlstatt. The fact that it was in East Prussia (now Poland, where its name has been converted to Polish) rang another bell. After a bit more research, I learned that two of its VERY famous alumni were none other than Generalfeldmarschall Paul von Hindenburg AND Rittmeister Manfred von Richthofen! More important, von Richthofen attended Wahlstatt for six years, most of them during the 1905 to 1910 period of our headmaster. He began his schooling in the 1903-1904 school year. He probably remained until about 1909, when he entered Lichterfelde.


This renders the modest-looking statue historically significant. I am sure you will enjoy this in your collection. $495.00







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26-59 SMALL PORCELAIN STATUE OF ANGEL PROTECTING GERMAN SOLDIER. This is a small bisque porcelain statue of an angel spreading her wings to protect a German soldier as he prepares to go to battle. She stands 6" tall and her wings are 6" wide. She has gold painted highlights. A small chip appears on her gold headpiece. The soldier is painted in his feldgrau uniform, complete with his rifle, etc. He is kneeling on one knee. The statue is in very fine condition, overall. $195.00












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26-64 SMALL STATUE - FRIEDRICH DER GROßE. This is a small statue of Prussia’s König Friedrich der Große (King Frederick the Great). The statue measures 3 " tall and 1 ½" x 1 ½" at the base. Friedrich’s actual figure stands 2 " tall. The hollow base is rendered as four stairs upon which the king stands. Friedrich der Große’s stance is the classic pose frequently employed in German statues and paintings. The great king sports his famous tricorn hat, thrusts one leg forward and grips a walking stick in one hand. This fine little statue attractively portrays Frederick the Great in a compact format. $150.00










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26-53 SOLDIER’S STATUE - SCHÜTZEN-REGIMENT Nr 108 - SAXONY. Königl. Sächs Schützen (Füsilier) Regiment Prinz Georg Nr 108 was a VERY different infantry regiment that was fielded by Saxony. As you can see from the regiment’s formal title, it was considered both a Schützen and a Füsilier regiment. The regiment was founded in 1809 during the Napoleonic Wars. It was garrisoned at Dresden, where it was attached to the Saxon XII. Armeekorps. Another difference with the regiment was that they did not wear a pickelhaube as their dress helmet. Instead, they wore a shako with a black parade plume. It was like a Saxon version of the Jäger-Bataillone, although that is not 100% correct. Saxony also created two Jäger-Bataillone in the same year, and they also wore the shako. Also, the Jäger-Bataillone’s wappens were different from that of Königl. Sächs Schützen (Füsilier) Regiment Prinz Georg Nr 108. So, perhaps it was more of a variation, but enough of my speculation.
Today our offering is a full-figure metal statue of a soldier from this regiment. The statue’s overall height is 12." The statue’s base also is metal, but it is mounted on a marble base that measures 4" x 4." The man is wearing his shako with the plume, as is correct. He wears all of his gear, including his slung Mauser, pack, and cartridge boxes. His left shoulder clearly displays the regiment’s number (108).
At the marble base’s front is a small engraved plaque that states "Zur Erinnerung am mein Regiment" (In remembrance of my Regiment). On the statue’s back is its artist’s name, Hans Leuner. The statue is just a tad "wobbly" on the marble base. That said, it is NOT in danger of becoming detached, but the new owner should exhibit care in the statue’s handling and display.  [It will cost more for shipping due to its weight, 4 lbs. 5 oz.0].






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26-51 PORCELAIN STATUE - KAISER WILHELM II. This is a full porcelain statue of Kaiser Wilhelm II. It stands 9 ½" overall in height. The base that Wilhelm stands on measures 2 ½" x 2 3/4" x 3/4." The detail is surprisingly good. The Kaiser is attired in a full dress uniform, complete with epaulettes, orders, and decorations. On the base’s front we read "Kaiser Wilhelm II." On its reverse is "1859-1941." Clearly this is not a WW I period piece. The statue’s condition is very fine, with no chipping or damage. It displays no indication of its manufacturer. $275.00 drSeptember17







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26-44 GLASS STATUE - KAISER JOSEF II - AUSTRIA. This is a translucent glass statue of Austria’s Kaiser Josef II (1741-1790). He was the Holy Roman Emperor from 1765 to his death in 1790. He also ruled the Hapsburg lands from 1780 to 1790. He was a proponent of enlightened absolutism. He was considered one of the Enlightenment’s greatest despots, along with Prussia’s König Frederick the Great and Russia’s Catherine II (a.k.a. the Great). His attempted modernization reforms aroused significant opposition, which eventually led to their failure to become fully enacted. The statue is considered is made of pressed glass and stands 7 1/2" tall. Its base identifies him as "Josef II." It is in very fine condition. $195.00







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26-45 PORCELAIN FIGURINE - SOLDIER AIDING WOUNDED COMRADE. This is an enchanting white bisque porcelain figurine of a soldier sharing his canteen with a wounded comrade. The figurine is realistic. It is easy to see the caregiver’s compassion for his wounded comrade. The figure measures 5 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 2." A serial number, 3283, appears on the reverse. It is in very fine condition. $150.00



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26-40 SCHLESSISCHER SCHÜTZE STATUE. This is a fine porcelain statue of a Schlessischer Schütze. The man was a member of an elite Schützen unit during the Napoleonic Wars, circa 1810. The figure is mounted on a white porcelain base, which measures 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1/2." The man is wearing a black shako and a green tunic with what appear to be light-blue or gray trousers and black boots. He appears to be leaning against a tree stump. He measures 9 1/4" in height from his shako’s plume to the tip of his boots. The item’s condition is excellent. I cannot say when it was manufactured. At the item’s base are the description and date of the soldier, as we have noted in our title. $225.00



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26-62 LARGE HAND CARVED HAPSBURG EAGLE. Today we are offering a massive, truly magnificent, artistically hand carved wooden Hapsburg Eagle. It has been years since we have offered a sophisticated example of German Imperial Period woodcarving. Without a doubt, this is one of the finest we have ever offered. During the Imperial Period, most of Europe’s finest hand woodcarving came from Germany and Austria. [The tradition is still practiced today primarily in Southern Germany (the Black Forest and Bavaria) and Northern Austria (the Tyrol)]. I cannot say with certainty whether our example originated in Austria or Germany, although it was done to commemorate Austria’s Hapsburg Empire. I date this fine example from 1875 up through 1918, when the Great War’s end resulted in the demise of Germany and Austria’s empires.
The stunning Eagle measures 2" x 21" x 26," and weighs a whopping 8 lbs. 4 oz. The carving is quite intricate, with exquisite detailing to its various feathers. The top crown has movement in it forwards and backwards, almost as though it is articulated. In the center of the Eagle’s chest is a glass-covered frame that measures 4 ½" x 6" x 2," and features a cabinet photograph of Kaiser Franz Josef of Austria with a reproduction signature.
The reverse features three metal rings that form its hanger system. A very old cord is strung between them that once served as the actual hanger so it could be hung on a wall. I have waited many years for a large and exceptional carving to come along. It would handsomely set off a large wall in your home.
[Additional shipping will be required for this item due to its weight and size]. $2,495.00




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14-376 BUST OF RITTMEISTER MANFRED von RICHTHOFEN. In WW I aviation, no individual attracts more attention than Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen. He is not only the best-known of WW I Germany’s aces, but of ALL fighter pilots. He set the bar of achievement not only due to his eighty confirmed victories, but as the leader of Jasta 11, then as commander of the "Flying Circus," JG 1. Who can say why he was and is so popular? He certainly had charisma, not only with his pilots but with the German people. He was every bit a "Rock Star" of his day. He was stopped in the streets by men and women who wanted his autograph. He wrote a best-selling autobiography while recuperating from injuries sustained the first time he was shot down (although he never truly recovered). His company was sought out by many military commanders and royals, including his Kaiser. It was all part of the magic that swirled around him. His death on 21 April 1918 did nothing to end the legend. If anything, it enhanced it. WW II’s Luftwaffe named a fighter unit after him, a practice that has continued to this day.  Items pertaining to von Richthofen are extremely popular among collectors ninety years after his death. Sanke postcards can often fetch more than one hundred dollars. Any small item that relates to him can command serious money.
Today we are both excited and pleased to be offering an amazing artifact connected to this famous young man. It is what I would term a "half-sized" bust of our hero. It is "half-sized" in that it is not life-sized. It stands 15" tall, 8" wide, and 5" deep. His head alone measures 8" x 6" x 6 ½" (at the nose). I believe it is made of bisque (i.e., unglazed) porcelain. The great man is wearing his leather flight helmet. Pushed up on his forehead are his goggles. Below his chin and suspended from a ribbon is his over sized Orden Pour le Mérite. (He proudly wore it from January 1917 until his death in April 1918). As is the custom with busts, his chest is cut in a "V" pattern that eliminates his arms. The bust stands on a circular base that is 2 ½" tall and 6" in diameter at the base. On the base is a line of text reading "Roter Baron." A second line states "Manfred v. Richthofen." The base’s reverse lists his birth and death years (1892-1918). The bust is amazingly detailed. His eyebrows are clearly delineated, as are the pupils of his eyes. His nose and lips are handsomely detailed. The base’s bottom bears a hallmark for Südgau Porzelanmanufaktur. I had a very well versed collector of statues, busts, and royalty plates examine it. He is quite impressed with the bust’s quality and execution. His opinion is that the bust was created between in the 1920's or 1930's. He and I are not certain for what purpose it was created or how many examples may have existed. His final remark to me following his examination was that he could only remember seeing one like it in the past. The bust comes from an old and trusted former East German source who occasionally finds me amazing pieces. Needless to say, this would make a centerpiece for any collection. Its overall condition is excellent. It shows just enough soiling and honest age to give one a level of comfort. $4,795.00



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26-42 BUST - KAISER WILHELM II. This is a most unusual and beautiful bust of Kaiser Wilhelm II. It is a classic bust of Germany’s final Kaiser. The bust is made of tiger’s eye, a semiprecious gemstone. [Tiger’s eye is a quartz variety that displays rich yellow and golden-brown stripes, with a fine golden luster when polished. It displays chatoyancy (a vertical luminescent band like that of a cat's eye). Tiger’s eye commonly is used for jewelry and small statues ]. It has been delicately carved into Kaiser Wilhelm II’s likeness from the chest up. Its luminescent golden bands run vertically through the bust, particularly through Wilhelm’s face down into where his chest broadens out. The exquisite carving is precise enough to reveal the Kaiser’s neck order, tunic buttons, medal bar (at least 7 places), epaulettes and aiguillette. The hairs on his mustache and head are individually rendered. The statuette’s overall height is 6." The bust portion measures 2 1/4," while its base measures 3 3/4." The base appears to be made of either agate or onyx, which are other quartz-forms related to tiger’s eye. [Agate is a variety of chalcedony formed from layers of quartz that usually show varicolored bands. Onyx is a gemstone with alternating light and dark bands, which are colored in brown, red, black, white and grey. Some forms of agate are called onyx, which is, strictly speaking, coarsely banded agate. The agate-working industry grew up centuries ago in the Idar-Oberstein district of Germany, where agates were abundant around Oberstein on the Nahe, a tributary of the Rhine at Bingen. Most were found in the Galgenberg, or Steinkaulenberg, overlooking the village of Idar, on the Idar Bach, about two miles from Oberstein. Commercial mining mostly halted in 1870, although the agate industry is still carried on, especially at Idar]. The onyx/agate base’s color shifts from light brown to dark brown, with thin swirling lines of white and providing interesting contrast. It has been carved in the form of a tiered tower, with the tiger’s eye bust attached to its top. This is a sublime piece of work, splendid in its execution and bewitching in its beauty. Gem aficionados and royalty collectors alike will glory in its sensuous charm. $1,195.00



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18-416 PAIR OF PATRIOTIC BISQUE PORCELAIN FLOWERPOTS. This is a marvelous pair of small patriotic flowerpots that are made of bisque porcelain. The first shows a young boy in an enlisted infantryman’s feldgrau uniform. It stands 5 ½" tall. He is smoking a cigar and has bright rosy-red cheeks. His uniform sports many painted details. He also wears a bayonet at his side and a pickelhaube on his head. The flowerpot is attached to his back and measures 1 ½" x 1 ⅝" x 2 ¼." Some manufacturer’s hallmark appears on the bottom, along with the number 97.
The second young "soldier" stands 5" tall. [His companion's pickelhaube spike accounts for the extra half inch]. He also is smoking a cigar and has bright rosy-red cheeks. His uniform also is covered with many painted details. He wears a bayonet at his side and a mütze on his head. The flowerpot attached to his back measures 1 ½" x 1 ⅝" x 2 ¼."
Some manufacturer’s hallmarks are on the flowerpot’s bottom. $450.00 pair 








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26-13 PORCELAIN FIGURE OF A HUSSAR. This is an exquisite porcelain figure of a Hussar. He stands 7 3/4" tall. The man is wearing a 19th Century dress uniform, complete with sword, busby, attila, etc. He even has a cape and bedroll slung over his shoulder. The only small flaw in this delightful item is that two-thirds of his sword is missing below the hilt. Otherwise, this is a lovely piece in excellent condition. It is a bargain at this price. $125.00 . . .






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18-169 VASE WITH A SOLDIER ON IT. This is a small vase that would be suitable for holding a bud or other small flower. The flower holder looks like a guard house or door and stands 4". A soldier wearing a pickelhaube and holding his Mauser stands against it. It is in charming condition. $100.00




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18-109 PORCELAIN PATRIOTIC FIGURINE. This is a small hand painted patriotic porcelain figurine that celebrated the second year of WW I. This figurine stands 2 3/4" tall and is 2 ½’ wide. It consists of two columns with eagles mounted on them. Between the two columns is a wreath with an Iron Cross in the center. This entire arrangement is mounted on a base that bears the date of 1915. The reverse of this base has the number 7925. The basic color of this small figurine is white. There are gold highlights on the columns. The eagles are mostly gold. The wreath is both gold and white. The Iron Cross is black. There is a ribbon looped from it to the wreath above. This is all hand painted. The figurine has no chipping or cracks to it. $175.00.



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26-29 PORCELAIN FIGURINE - PRUSSIAN OFFICER CA. 1740. This is a finely-made porcelain figurine of a Prussian officer, circa 1740. This is from the time when Frederick the Great (1712-1786) was King of Prussia. Frederick the Great served as Prussia’s King from 1740 into 1786. This is considered the beginning of Prussia’s dominance within Germany, which extend from 1740 through 1918. The exquisitely-detailed figurine is hand painted. It rests on an oval-shaped base. The figurine stands 8 1/4" tall. Adding the base increases the total height to 9 1/2." The lower one third of the officer’s sword is missing. Hallmarking for the manufacturer appears at the bottom, but I am not familiar with it. [If any of our sharp-eyed readers can help us ID the firm, we would greatly appreciate it]! I estimate that the figurine was manufactured after 1945. The colors are very vibrant. This is an extremely handsome figurine. $250.00  



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26-30 PORCELAIN FIGURINE - 18TH CENTURY OFFICER - GOEBEL. This is a fine, hand painted figurine of an 18th Century officer. It is complete, undamaged and in pristine condition. It is marked for Goebel in W. Germany. It probably was produced in the 1970's or 1980's, before Germany’s reunification. The figure stands 7 3/4" tall. $250.00



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18-215 BIG BERTHA PATRIOTIC FIGURINE OR BUD VASE. This is an unusual patriotic figurine that could have been displayed alone or possibly even used as a bud vase. It is made of porcelain and represents the huge, powerful cannon "Big Bertha." While the Germans had larger cannons in their arsenal, Big Bertha really captured the public’s imagination. I believe the gun received its name from the head of Krupp Werke naming it for a daughter or granddaughter. The figurine measures 6 3/8" in height. It shows the gun at an angle of 45 degrees, ready to fire. On the barrel in gold is noted "Die Dicke Bertha aus Essen Hasweitte 42". Attractively made and in very fine condition, it would make a most unusual addition to any collection. $175.00



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