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Metal Items


34-18 METAL MEMORIAL PLAQUE - ATHLETIC SOCIETY - WORLD WAR I. This is a large brass plaque which measures 16 ½" x 13 ½." It is for a gymnastic group from the city of Klein=unter Grossbauchlitz. The plaque has two sections memorializing nine young men from their group who fell in the Great War. A smaller section lists two men who were Missing in Action and presumed dead. The plaque is quite substantial. It has holes in the four corners where it might have been attached to the wall of a building or a memorial post. (Due to this item’s weight and size, extra shipping will be charged). $225.00  



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34-26 SALT POT - OFFICERS’ MESS - BRAUNSCHWEIG. The dinner tables at officers’ messes were quite formal and elaborate, depending on the regiment. The officers’ messes at Husaren-Regiment Nr 17 and Infantrie-Regiment Nr 92 were among the most elaborate of all of the German Army regiments. Today we are offering an officer’s salt pot from one of these two regiments. Small salt pots were used in place of salt shakers during the Imperial Period, especially in an officer’s mess. Sometimes they had a small spoon that allowed the user to sprinkle salt onto his food. Other times no spoon was used, and a simple "pinch" of salt sufficed.  This pot measures 1 ½" in diameter and stands 1" tall. As I look at it, the pot reminds me of a miniature kettle drum. It has engraving on its three sides, which reveals a great deal about this interesting dining accouterment. On one side is the name Oberleutnant von Schierstaedt. On a second side is the Wilhelm of Braunschweig’s Cypher. The third side bears the date 1 November 1901. Underneath, on the pot’s bottom, is hallmarking for .800 silver and for Jurgens, the Herzog (Duke) of Braunschweig’s house jeweler. This piece has a lot of personality and a fabulous patina. $695.00



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18-204 SILVERED SERVING TRAY WITH MIRRORED BASE. Life in Imperial Germany was much more formal than ours. Entertaining was more elaborate. This is obvious from the glassware, tableware, etc. used at the time. {For further examples of the ornate and delightful pieces available, visit our PATRIOTIC TABLEWARE MERCHANDISE PAGE. This silvered tray measures 14" in diameter and is quite large. It rests on three small balled "feet." The edges have an intricate cutout design that is quite attractive. The center of the serving tray is mirrored and silvered. This makes for an interesting effect. However from age and use the mirror is flaking in places. Its coating is no longer complete. The tray is still sturdy. If one put some silver polish on this, it could look amazing. Or, one can enjoy its patina as is. $125.00. .



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18-205 METAL SERVING TRAY FEATURING IRON CROSS. This is a painted metal serving tray. It was a part of the effects I acquired in an officer’s foot locker. The tray measures 7 5/8" x 6 7/8." It depicts an orange-painted surface along with a black Iron Cross. I have not come across a tray like this before. It is well made and in very good condition. $75.00. .



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18-260 METAL TANKARD. Here we have a metal tankard. It appears to be made of pewter. Its capacity is about a half a litre and it stands 6 1/4" tall. No design is readily evident on its sides. The initials "MK" are engraved on the top of the lid. Inside the tankard one can discover the manufacturer’s markings for its production firm. It dates from about 1900. It is a handsome tankard that is ready to be used on any occasion. $125.00  



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18-261 ONE-HANDLED PITCHER - METAL. This is an interesting one-handled pitcher that appears to be made of pewter. It stands 7 1/2" tall and 5" wide. The pitcher sits on a X" in diameter base. The base has a dent. No other problem mars the pitcher. The central motif on the pitcher’s side is two knights greeting one another. The knight on the right appears to be dropping to his knee and offering homage to the other. The piece dates from around 1900. $150.00  



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18-262 TWO-HANDLED VASE - METAL. This is a pewter, two-handled vase. It stands 8 1/2" tall and 6 3/4" wide. The obverse features a noble family’s coat-of-arms. At the very least, this family held the title "Von." The head of the family might also have held the title of Baron or Count. Each handle is in the shape of a woman. It is exquisitely executed, and dates from the turn of the 20th Century. $150.00  



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10-267 ALUMINUM PATRIOTIC BOWL. This aluminum bowl is actually quite large and measures 11 ½" x 7". At the bottom of the bowl is a highly detailed and large crown (3" x 3") which lies within a wreath of laurel or oak leaves. The crown is stamped into the bowl and is in high relief. Below the crown is a smaller stamped crown with the number "980." Let me warn you that this does not stand for silver content as there is no way that this bowl is made of silver but is rather made of aluminum as previously stated. A nice bowl and something useful that could be used around the house. Quite reasonably priced. $100.00



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12-714 PRE WW I HEART-SHAPED CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENT. Christmas was a very special time of year for Imperial Germans (it still is). Today we are offering a significant Imperial German Christmas tree ornament. It is made of glass and is heart-shaped. The ornament is 3 ½" tall, 2 5/8" at its widest point, and 6 3/4" thick. The heart is silver with a dimpled exterior. Painted around the entire ornament are three red, white, and black stripes, representing Germany’s national colors. Beneath that is a vertical design that is painted in gold and black. At the top is a typical ornament’s attachment through which a hook is placed to hang it on a Christmas tree.
This marvelous ornament is very close to one-hundred-years-old. It would make a wonderful addition to your Christmas tree during the upcoming holidays, then you could display it with your collection for the rest of the year.



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12-715 PRE WWI BALL-SHAPED CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENT. Christmas was a very special time of year for Imperial Germans (it still is). Today we are offering a significant Imperial German Christmas tree ornament. It is made of glass and is ball-shaped. As a matter of fact, it is just about the size of a golf ball (although I doubt that is what the ornament is supposed to represent)! The ornament measures 6 1/8" in diameter. The ball is silver, with a dimpled exterior. Painted around the entire ornament are three red, white, and black stripes, representing Germany’s national colors. At the top is a typical ornament’s attachment through which a hook is placed to hang it on a Christmas tree.
This marvelous ornament is very close to one-hundred-years-old. It would make a wonderful addition to your Christmas tree during the upcoming holidays, then you could display it with your collection for the rest of the year.



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18-195 IRON CROSS PATRIOTIC COOKIE CUTTER. This Iron Cross cookie cutter measures 2 ½" x 2 1/4." Enjoy your cookies in style! $85.00 . . .




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18-190 COOKIE CUTTER IN THE SHAPE OF A DOVE. While the average German citizen supported the military aims of the Kaiser and the military, a yearning still existed for peace. To that end, cookie cutters in the shape of a peace dove were also popular during the period. This example measures 3 5/8" 3 1/4." $75.00 . . .



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34-05 PERSONALIZED SEAL. Seals of this nature were very popular in Germany during the Imperial Period. One would melt some wax, drop it on the flap of an envelope, and then impress the seal on it. This would serve to secure the envelope’s contents, and to identify the sender. This example features a name in German script. It has a wooden handle. $45.00



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34-01 METAL STAMP FOR MARKING SEALING WAX. This is a metal stamp which would have been used for sealing a wax seal on a letter. These were very popular during the Imperial German period. Even the most modest of houses might have had one of these present. This example has a dimpled brass exterior. At the base are two initials A & K. These are impressive-looking as desk accessories even if they are never used. $40.00



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18-221 SMALL CUP HONORING THE NAVY AND KIEL. This is a small zinc cup that honors the Navy and Kiel. On the sides are panels for the Marine Akademie, S.M.Y. Hohenzollern, Kaiser Wilhelm Denkmal, the University, and the Kgl. (Royal) Schloss. The cup stands 3" tall, 2 1/8" in diameter at the rim, and 1 ½" in diameter at the base. The cup is somewhat out of round, but the exterior is just fine. $65.00 . . .



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34-66 TRENCH ART NAPKIN RING "WALKER RIDGE 1915." This is a napkin ring that falls under the category of "Trench Art." A hammered copper band is surmounted by an artillery shell driving band. An applied copper shield appears on the driving band. On the shield we see "Walker Ridge 1915." It is an interesting example of Trench Art’s variety. $125.00



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34-65 BARON’S SMALL METAL PLAQUE - COAT OF ARMS. This is a small metal plaque that measures 3 ½" x 4." It shows a particular Baron’s (Freiherr’s) Coat-of-Arms. If I am reading the engraving correctly, it features a name as well, and he may have been attached to an Ulanen-Regiment. It also has the dates 1923/24. Two screws appear on the reverse, so it was screwed into something at some point. $50.00



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34-74 NAPKIN RING FOR THE VÖLKERSCHLACHTDENKMAL IN LEIPZIG. This is a napkin ring which commemorates the Völkerschlachtdenkmal in Leipzig. This is a massive monument which was dedicated in 1913 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Napoleonic wars. This was a major year in German history and there was much going on to honor German’s role in these wars. This monument is every bit as impressive today as it was nearly 100 years ago and Kaiser Wilhelm II and the King of Saxony were both there for its dedication, $30.00



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34-75 PATRIOTIC THIMBLE FROM THE TIME OF THE GREAT WAR. Over the years I have seen and offered many types of patriotic items from the Great War. This is surely one of the more unique. It has the dates 1914-1915-1916, along with Iron Crosses on the side. $60.00  




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34-76 CROWN-SHAPED CAKE PAN. This is a metal cake baking form in the shape of a crown. The pan measures 7 1/4" in diameter and stands 4 1/2" tall. The form has one small hole in it. On our latest trip to Germany, we visited the Hanoverian castle at Celle. In the museum’s gift shop they were a similar cake form, only it was made of silicon. Now, you can have the real thing. It is ninety-plus-years-old, and quite good-looking. $75.00


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Wooden Items


18-193 PATRIOTIC SERVING TRAY. This tray is most interesting. Its central motif shows Germany oldest general (Generalfeldmarschall, actually) of WW I, Graf von Haesler. This man, who was a cavalrymen, came from the Uhlans. He served Germany in four wars, in 1864, 1866, 1870, and in WW I. This serving tray has a wooden frame and wooden handles with brass trim. It measures 12 ½" x 7 7/8." In the center under glass is a very colorful patriotic rendition of von Haesler with flags, banners, etc. Von Haesler is dressed in the feldgrau uniform of a Generalfeldmarschall. He is superimposed over an Iron Cross with the date 1914. In looking at this, I have come to the conclusion that this was at one time the lid of a cigar box. It was probably used to house fine Havana cigars! Today it can serve as a wonderful serving tray to hold your drinks when served at cocktail hour, or for any other purpose. Or, it would look neat on its own! $275.00 . . .



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34-82 HAND CARVED PATRIOTIC NAPKIN RING - VETERAN. This item loosely could be considered Trench Art. I say loosely as it is a beautiful, hand carved, wooden napkin ring. The napkin ring stands 1 3/4" tall and measures 2" in diameter. Carved on the side we see "4 Komp. III. Landst. Batl. Feldwebel Gorlig." This appears in the napkin ring’s center. Above and below the description we see a continuous ring of laurel leaves. It is a very handsome napkin ring. With a fine cloth or linen napkin, it would make a fine display. $125.00


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12-387 WOODEN FORM FOR DRYING AND TRANSPORTING CIGARS. This fascinating piece measures 24" x 4" x 2 ½." The divided wooden form was originally meant for the drying and storage of cigars. It has been fire-stamped on the outside with the name Schimmelpenninck (these were Dutch cigars), and the word "Holland," among others. The form breaks into two parts, each side having twenty 4 1/4" long, bullet-shaped spaces designed for the cigars. The cigar-spaces vary from a little less than one-half inch to a little more than three-quarters of an inch in width. One side has spaces almost three-quarters of an inch in depth, the other about three-eighths. The halves are joined together by a trio of pegs and holes at the ends. An eyelet screw has been put into one end of half so that it can be hung on the wall if desired. This is another piece that can be converted into a display case for smaller objets d’art or displayed whole as one itself. Please see how appealingly the accompanying photographs show off some small articles. (The artifacts on display are NOT for sale). It is utterly charming. $95.00 . . .



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18-209 PATRIOTIC WICKER BASKET. This is an unusual patriotic wicker basket. The basket stands 3 5/8" tall and 7 5/8" in diameter. Attached to the basket’s top is a ribbon and bow in Germany’s national colors. It is perfect for any number of uses, from display to storage to picnicking at an Imperial German re-enactment event. $65.00 .



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Cloth & Embroidered Items



34-88 LADIES’ PATRIOTIC PURSE COMMEMORATING SERVICE IN BELGIUM. This is an early-war ladies’ patriotic purse. The purse has a snap lock to secure its contents. The purse measures 6 ½" x 7," and is made of red velvet. Embroidered into the material is the word "Andenken," a Prussian Eagle above furled flags, the years "1914" and "1915," then "Belgien." It features a double gold cord at its top by which the lady could suspend it from her wrist. Its base sports a decorative red tassel. The purse is finely made and provides another example of the German people’s patriotic spirit. $125.00

















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34-89 LADIES SMALL PATRIOTIC CHANGE PURSE. Here is an interesting ladies’ accessory that was purchased at a well known Berlin military uniform shop. This small change purse joins the many different patriotic items available for soldiers’ wives, sweethearts, mothers, and sisters. It measures 4 ½" x 5" and is cut from the same dark-blue wool material used for many German military uniforms. The firm’s label is revealed when its front flap is unsnapped. The label is attached to the flap’s black silk inner lining and reads "Wilhelm Braun/Berlin S.W. 61/Yorkstr. 16." The flap’s dark-blue outer cover features the silver bullion used to decorate an NCO’s tunic sleeves. The bullion runs horizontally across the flap’s base and is surmounted by a red, then a yellow, miniature shoulder strap.
The straps could represent any one of a number of Prussian Army Garde-Regiments. [For example, the red shoulder strap was used by, but not limited to, such units as the Kaiser Franz Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr 2, the Garde-Jäger-Bataillon, the Garde-Schützen-Bataillon, the 2. Garde-Ulanen-Regiment, or the Garde-Pionier- Bataillon. By the same token, the yellow shoulder strap was used by, but not limited to, such units as the Garde-Fusilier-Regiment, the 2. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß, or the 3. Garde-Ulanen-Regiment].
The purse’s interior could secure such small items as paper money and change, personal papers, etc. It sports a set of short yellow cords at its top by which a lady could suspend it from her wrist. It is a very handy little item that could still be used by some special lady in YOUR life.







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34-85 TABLECLOTH COMMEMORATING GENERALFELDMARSCHALL PAUL von HINDENBURG’S BATTLE OF TANNENBERG VICTORY. The Battle of Tannenberg was one of Germany’s most important WW I victories. German forces on the Eastern front were commanded by then-Generaloberst Paul von Hindenburg (1847-1934). The battle took place 23-30 August 1914, between one German army and two Russian armies during WW I’s first month. The victory made von Hindenburg a hero in Germany, and he was showered with honors throughout the war. He ultimately became the Chief of the General Staff (Chef des Generalstabs) in 1916, and held that position until WW I’s end.
Today we are offering a patriotic tablecloth that commemorates the German victory at the Battle of Tannenberg. The tablecloth measures 50" x 57 ½." The predominant color is light-blue on a white background. Each corner sports a large portrait of von Hindenburg in uniform wearing a Pour le Mérite. The tablecloth features many designs that make enchanting enhancements to the overall display. In the center is a church, and below it the legend "Das Kirchlein zu Tannenberg" (the Tannenberg Chapel). The tablecloth is in excellent condition. It makes for a wonderful addition to any table, even if the table is larger than the tablecloth itself.



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18-186 PATRIOTIC DOILY. This is a very early war, or perhaps even prewar, embroidered patriotic doily. It measures 10 1/4" x 10 1/4." It features crossed flags representing Bavaria and Prussia, and the date 1914. It is a handsome piece of handiwork. $195.00 . .



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34-86 KRIEGSFLAGGE-DECORATED TABLE SCARF/PILLOWCASE/ DISPLAY ITEM. This is a wonderful item that could have been used many different ways. It measures 13" x 17 1/4." The material is a fine cotton. A high-quality kriegsflagge replica has been embroidered onto it. To the flag’s right, embroidered in yellow, red, white, and black, is the saying "Stolzweht die Flagge schwarz weiss rot" (Proudly flies the flag black white red). It is very attractive. Only your imagination limits how it may be used. You could even use it as a place mat. Break out your Imperial German place setting and enjoy your knockwurst and sauerkraut in style! $175.00  





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34-83 PATRIOTIC PILLOW COVER / WALL COVERING. Patriotic items came in all forms. Women on the home front became very involved and would embroider, needlepoint or sew projects. This item could have been used as a wall covering or it might have been displayed on a sofa or chair pillow. The item measures 18" x 15 3/4." Lace edging trims the entire piece. Its basic color is white, with red and black worked into it (the three being Imperial Germany’s national colors). Each corner features an Iron Cross. At the top are the years "1914-1917." In the center is a Hohenzollern Crown. The cover is in excellent condition. Framed, it would make an impressive presentation. One also could attach it to a pillow and have an equally amazing display. $125.00



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34-77 PATRIOTIC PILLOWCASE. This is a highly detailed, colorful, patriotic, pillowcase or pillow cover that could be sewn onto a pillow. It measures 31" x 22." Its colorful scene is comprised of a stahlhelm and crossed kriegsflagges. At the bottom is the legend "Front Heil!" All of this has been stitched on a heavy grade of cotton. It is very handsome. $195.00



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34-72 PATRIOTIC LINEN HANDKERCHIEF/NAPKIN. This is a high quality patriotic linen napkin or handkerchief. It measures 16 1/2’ x 15 1/2." It has red, white and black trim. It is in MINT condition. $90.00  



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34-13 LINEN NAPKIN/DRESSER SCARF - GERMAN NATIONAL COLORS. This is a finely-made linen napkin that measures 15 ½" x 16 ½." It is trimmed attractively in Germany’s national colors, red, black, and white. The item is in lovely condition. Only your imagination limits how it can be used. $85.00



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34-63 CROCHETED/EMBROIDERED HOT PAD COMMEMORATING 500 YEARS OF GERMANY (1415-1915). This is an interesting crocheted piece celebrating the 500th anniversary of some event in Germany (1415-1915). I am not sure exactly what event it commemorates. It is designed to protect one’s hand when removing a hot dish from the oven, then serve as a hot pad to protect the table surface from the hot dish while it is being served. The piece measures 15 3/4" x 9" when opened up completely.  A Hohenzollern Eagle is beautifully embroidered in the center of the outside flap, with the dates 1415 in the upper left corner and 1915 in the lower right. Lace decorates three sides of the flap. Underneath is the pocket into which one's hand is placed to grasp the hot dish. It is both a practical and beautiful item, in excellent shape for its age. The embroidery is exquisite. $95.00



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This is a very handsome, well made doily/place mat. It measures 13 1/2” x 13 1/2.” The edges are white lace, while the interior is a strikingly dark, inky-blue silk. An Iron Cross is set in the center. Embroidered in rose-pink thread above it are the words “Andenken Belgien (Souvenir of Belgium).” Further below the EK are the dates 1914-1917. (The same lovely rose-colored thread accents the interior square’s outline). Bouquets of multicolored posies, set against lace backgrounds and framed by knotted silver embroidery, grace the mat’s four corners. It is a charming reminder of a bygone era. $110.00



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This is a very handsome, well made doily/place mat. It measures 11” x 11.” The edges are white lace, while the interior is a rich chocolate color. The interior’s material feels as though it has been treated to make it somewhat water-resistant, much like oilskin. The material itself has a fine weave, and could be either linen or silk. A yellow-embroidered flower and its leafy stem grace the mat’s center. Embroidered in light-blue thread above and to the left are the words “Andenken Belgien (Souvenir of Belgium).” Below the flower to the right are the dates 1914-1918. Each corner sports an embroidered flag for one of the Central Powers (Germany, Austria, Turkey, and Bulgaria), with its proper national colors. It is a charming patriotic reminder of a bygone era. $110.00



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