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29-101 MINIATURE CROWN ORDER 4th CLASS - PRUSSIA. This is a very fine miniature Prussian Crown Order 4th Class. The decoration family was founded in 1861 during König Wilhelm I’s reign. The 4th Class decoration was the Crown Order’s lowest class. Its arms are gilt-toned. Its center is trimmed in blue enamel. The obverse’s center is a Hohenzollern Crown, while the reverse’s center features Wilhelm I’s royal cypher. The miniature, which measures ¾" x ¾," is attached to a small piece of original faded-blue ribbon. No mounting attachments appear on the ribbon’s reverse. With the exception of the ribbon’s fading, the decoration is in very fine condition. $150.00









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29-36 SEVEN-PLACE OFFICER’S MINI TIE-BAR CHAIN. This is a finely made, seven-place mini officer’s tie-bar chain. We can determine that due to certain officer-level-only decorations on the tie bar chain. From right to left, we can see the:

*1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class.

*Knight’s Cross with Swords of the Hohenzollern House Order (Officer’s Level)

*Red Eagle Order 4th Class (Officer’s Level)

*Crown Order 3rd Class (Officer’s Level)

*Military Merit Order 4th Class with Swords from Bavaria (Officer’s Level)

*Hanseatic Cross from Hamburg

*Officer’s Long Service Award for Twenty Years

This is a beautifully made tie-bar chain of miniatures. The enameled decorations are very well done. It is of ultra high quality. Combined with an example of the Knight’s Cross with Swords of the Hohenzollern House Order, you have a real winner. $1,095.00  



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29-75 BOUTONNIERE - FIVE RIBBONS - TWO DECORATIONS. This is a very high quality boutonniere that sports five ribbons and two decorations. What I find interesting is that even though it sports only two miniature decorations that is the way the example was manufactured. It is not a matter of missing decorations. It was designed to show only the two decorations that we share with you today.
The decorations suspended from the boutonniere are the:

*Honor Cross for Volunteer Red Cross Workers 1870-1871- Baden.

*Zähringer Lion Honor Cross - Baden.

The ribbons attached to the boutonniere include the:

*Honor Cross for Volunteer Red Cross Workers 1870-1871- Baden.

*Zähringer Lion Honor Cross - Baden.

*Hindenburg Cross.

*Kaiser Wilhelm Centennial Medal 1797-1897.

*Long Service Award.

This is a very special boutonniere for a man who served Baden and the Reich from 1870 until 1918, and was still alive in 1933 to receive the Hindenburg Cross! $395.00



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29-93 FOUR-PLACE MINIATURE TIE BAR. This is a massive four-place tie bar displaying four decorations’ miniatures. The tie bar is silver-toned, as are the four miniatures. It measures 2 ½" in length. From left to right, we see the following:

*Hindenburg Cross with Swords for Combatants.

*Friedrich August Cross 2nd Class from Oldenburg.

*1914 Iron Cross 1st Class.

*1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class.

The tie bar is in excellent condition, and is of a type with which I am unfamiliar. It is a very sturdy and displays the miniature decorations quite well. $195.00



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29-82 BLACK WOUND BADGE MINIATURE - BOUTONNIERE. This is a boutonniere that consists of a miniature Black Army Wound Badge. It measures 1 ½" x 1 3/4." It is mounted on two ribbons for the 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class and the Hindenburg Cross with Swords for Combatants. A gilt-toned button on the reverse would have slipped through a suit coat lapel’s buttonhole. $45.00




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29-85 THREE-PLACE BOUTONNIERE. This is a most interesting three-place boutonniere. From left to right we see:

*1914 Iron Cross.

*Hindenburg Cross with Swords for Combatants.

*Black Army Wound Badge.

The three decorations are mounted on a three-quarter moon base that would slip into a suit coat’s buttonhole. $30.00



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29-87 THREE-PLACE BOUTONNIERE. This is a boutonniere in fine condition that shows the three ribbons for the 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class, the Hindenburg Cross with Swords for Combatants, and Austrian War Service Medal. The ribbons are all in top condition. They are attached to a simple gold button that would slip right through a suit lapel’s buttonhole. $40.00




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29-86 TWO-PLACE BOUTONNIERE. This is a rather interesting two-place boutonniere that sports two Iron Cross 2nd Class ribbons. I do not quite understand why this variation was done this way. $25.00



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29-78 MINIATURE - HOHENZOLLERN HOUSE ORDER KNIGHT’S CROSS WITH SWORDS AND IRON CROSS 2nd CLASS RIBBONS. This is a well-made miniature displaying the ribbons for the 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class and the Knight’s Cross with Swords of the Hohenzollern House Order (KCHHO). Attached to the top ribbon is a gilt crown and crossed swords for the KCHHO. A simple button appears on the reverse. $95.00



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29-44 FOUR RIBBON BOUTONNIERE - ATTACHED IRON CROSS AND GOLD WOUND BADGE. Boutonnieres were quite popular among veterans so that they might display their Great War decorations. Here is a particularly interesting example, with four different ribbons. Two ribbons are for the Iron Cross, which indicates the man was awarded the 1914 Iron Cross in both the 1st and 2nd Class. Ribbons also appear for the Hindenburg Cross and the Friedrich Medal from Saxony. Attached to the front of the ribbons is an enamel Iron Cross 1st Class device. Some chipping shows on the enamel surface. A high-grade Gold Army Wound Badge miniature is also present. It was awarded for five or more wounds or the loss of a limb in service to his country. $125.00  



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29-40 THREE-PLACE BOUTONNIERE. This is a very high-quality, three-place boutonniere with miniature decorations. From left to right, we see:


*1914 Iron Cross for Non Combatants with the appropriate Non Combatant’s Ribbon - Prussia.

*General Service Medal - Prussia.

*Crown Order 4th Class - Prussia.

This is a very well made boutonniere with miniature decorations. It is an officer’s level piece, as the Crown Order was not awarded to enlisted men or NCO’s. It is very likely that this was awarded to a doctor. $250.00  



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29-41 THREE-PLACE MINIATURE TIE BAR CHAIN. This is a three-place tie bar chain, which features the following miniatures:

*War Service Cross 2nd Class - Braunschweig.

*Hanseatic Cross - Hamburg. It has one very small chip in one corner of the decoration.

*1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class.

Each of these miniature decorations is in very fine condition. The combination of the decorations is quite engaging. $175.00  



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22-78 MINIATURE - SOUTHWEST AFRICA MEDAL - NON COMBATANTS. The Southwest Africa Campaign took place during 1904 through 1906. Numerous actions took place during this time, and medals were awarded or had Spangen attached for those actions. Here is a miniature of the medal. It is silver-toned and was awarded to non combatants. Combatants received a gilt-toned decoration. This is similar to the decorations that were awarded for service in China during 1900-1901. The decoration measures 3/4" in diameter. The obverse has a neck-up likeness of Germania. Around the edge it features "Sudwest Afrika 1904-1906." The decoration’s reverse has Kaiser Wilhelm II’s crowned cypher. Around the edge is says "Verdienst um die Expedition." A correct and to scale ribbon is included. $125.00



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29-69 1848-1849 COMBATANT’S MEDAL - MINIATURE - PRUSSIA. This is a miniature of the Kingdom of Prussia’s Combatant’s Medal for Service in the 1848-1849 Wars. The obverse has a cross and a Hohenzollern Eagle. The reverse displays the war’s dates, and mentions König Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia. The miniature measures 1/2" in diameter. It has a small attachment at the top. It could have been worn on a tie bar where a veteran would display all of his decorations. $30.00



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29-70 1870-1871 COMBATANT MEDAL - MINIATURE. This is a miniature of the Combatants Medal for Service in the 1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War. The decoration was awarded to all German troops who acted as a combatant in that war. The obverse has a cross with the war’s dates. The reverse features Kaiser Wilhelm I’s crowned cypher. This decoration follows the same format as was used in the 1813-1815 Napoleonic Wars. The edges of the full-sized medals featured information that the bronze medal had been produced from melted-down, captured French cannons. The miniature measures 3/4" in diameter. It has a small attachment at the top. It could have been worn on a tie bar where a veteran would display all of his decorations. $30.00



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29-68 MINIATURE - KAISER WILHELM II’S ANNUAL INFANTRY REGIMENT SHOOTING PRIZE - 1905 - PRUSSIA. This is a miniature which was worn on a soldier’s tie chain. The miniature is for the infantry’s annual regimental shooting competition. Each year a shooting competition for infantry/cavalry and artillery regiments was held within the German Army. The regiments that compiled the best records received a special prize from the Kaiser. The prize was in the form of a sleeve badge, which was proudly worn by the regiment’s members (enlisted and NCO). The miniature replicates the 1905 badge. It appears at one time the crown may have snapped off, then was re-soldered back into place. I have NEVER seen such an example before. $95.00



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11-414 PRUSSIAN ARMY GUNNER’S BADGE - MINIATURE. This is a miniature of a Prussian Army Gunner’s Badge. The badge is vaulted, which is highly unusual. A large jump ring is attached to the smaller jump ring on the badge. This miniature is in excellent condition. $450.00 




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11-415 COMMEMORATIVE NAVY AIRSHIP BADGE - MINIATURE. This is a miniature of the Commemorative Navy Airship Badge. The badge has amazing detail for its size. It is in excellent condition. $450.00 




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29-61 TWO-RIBBON BOUTONNIERE. This is a two-place boutonniere. The upper ribbon is for the Hindenburg Cross with Swords for Combatants. Under that is the ribbon for Long Service. $10.00



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29-76 TWO-PLACE RIBBON BOUTONNIERE. This is a simple two-place ribbon boutonniere. It displays the ribbons of the 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class and the Hessen General Service Medal. The second ribbon is the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt’s Iron Cross 2nd Class equivalent. The two pieces of ribbon are mounted to a fairly standard button from a Berlin firm. $20.00



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05-1364 MINIATURE - 1870 COMBATANTS MEDAL. This is a very well made 1870 Combatants Medal miniature. Like its larger counterpart, it has a bronze finish. The detail is amazing. The decoration measures 2/3" in diameter. No ribbon accompanies it. It may have been worn on a tie bar. $50.00




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29-47 FOUR-PLACE MINIATURE BOUTONNIERE. This is a four-place boutonniere displaying the following miniatures: the 1866 Königgrätz Cross, the 1870/71 Combatant’s Medal, the Kaiser Wilhelm I Centennial Medal, and the Landwehr Long-Service Cross 4th class. The medals and ribbons are in excellent condition, however, the Centennial Medal’s ribbon has pulled loose on one side. This is not detrimental to its overall appearance and probably can be repaired without too much trouble. $205.00



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29-102 MINIATURE OF THE MILITARY MEDAL FOR OFFICERS & ENLISTED MEN OF 1813-1815 - BAVARIA. This is a miniature of the military medal for officers and enlisted men who fought in the Napoleonic Wars of 1813-1815. It is in very fine condition. $125.00. . .
















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01-186 THREE PLACE MINIATURE CHAIN SET WITH IRON CROSS 2nd CLASS, CROSS FOR TRUE SERVICE - SCHAUMBURG-LIPPE 2nd CLASS, AND HINDENBURG CROSS FOR COMBATANTS. Items such as this were often used as tie tacks. When pinned onto a tie they would display the decorations that the veteran had received. With the addition of the Hindenburg Cross we can tell with certainty that this set was put together sometime after 1934. An unusual combination with the inclusion of the Schaumburg-Lippe cross. Very fine condition. $150.00


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01-361 MINIATURE "PEOPLES WAR" PATRIOTIC MEDAL. This miniature patriotic medal is about the size of a U.S. dime. On one side it has profile of Kaiser Wilhelm II. The other side has an Iron Cross and the legend "Volkerkrieg 1914." This miniature has a silver finish. It features a red, black, and white ribbon to which a very small safety pin is attached. This also is a very dainty option. $45.00 . .



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